It is a water soluble polyhydric alcolhol, having sweet taste and high stability besides properties of humectancy and plasticizing, also known as glucitol. It is obtained by reduction of glucose changing the aldehyde group hence the name sugar alcohol. Sorbitol is also a raw material for production of Vitamin C. It also has application in Food products and Tobacco conditioning, high quality papers etc. In Powder form it is a white, odourless, sweet-tasting crystalline powder. Sorbitol is used in Candles, Tobacco, Processed foods, Paints, Toothpaste, Cosmetics and other personal care products as both a Sweetner and as Humectants (moisture retaining ingredient). It is two thirds the calories of sugar, and is not as sweet (60% as sweet as sugar). It is poorly absorbed by the body, so it does not raise the insulin levels as much as sugar and does not promote tooth decay, and Sorbitol often used as a sugar substitute in diet products.

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