03-Portfolio Photo Albums

We are a trusted Portfolio Albums Maker. Our Portfolio Albums are being purchased by aspiring models, working models and modeling school students. We have with us a spacious studio equipped with modern technology. We are also engaged in doing outdoor shoots. We capture the various expressions of the models beautifully.

Portfolio Books for Professional Models
Color: We provide books in many colors including the most preferred color for professional portfolio books, black.

Page Size: We provide books in variety of sizes including standard size 8″ x 12.

Construction: The professional portfolio book provided by us comprises of a rigid cover. The use of leatherette-covered pressboard is also made. The pages used are known to be acid free black sheets. The book is very flat.

Available Type of Selection
Pasting Type: The photos are being pasted on the pages permanently with the aid of glue stick.

Insert Type: The photos are slipped behind mats via the center edge, which is traditionally not pasted with glue.

The Economy Portfolio Book
These books do not have any pockets on the inside covers. Polypropylene sheets do not get stick to photographs and copier toner. The polypropylene cover is durable and resists dust and moisture. The books also have top-loading pocket sheets.

Black Leather Portfolio Album
The page inserts are of 8×12 size. Made from the highest quality material, our portfolio album can be used for keeping photographs and important documents.


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